Types Of Beer Glasses

January 6, 2020 by Ryder Wheare | Filed under Marketing & Advertising.

There was once a time when beer at bars used to be served in basic pint glasses, but now when we visit bars, a lot has changed. The bartenders are now focusing on improving their quality of serving and offering a service by changing their utensils and the way they serve to their customers. If we specifically talk about beer glasses, here is what you need to know and the types that are available to be served beer in.

1. Pint Glasses

When it comes to pint glasses Australia, there are several types of them available each for one’s liking. The most common type of such a glass is known as the shaker pint. This particular pint is of 16 ounces, which of course, is not an ideal size or serving for a beer. The main purpose of such a pint was specifically for the use of cocktail shaking – as the name suggests but somebody just started to serve beer in them. Another kind of the beer glass is known as the nonic pint which is relatively larger than the other kind and is a bit better option to serve beer in.

2. Snifters

For those who love to drink beers on a regular basis, snifters are known to be the best option for them. Such type of good glasses has a globular shape which helps in instilling a larger quantity of beer so ideally, if you are someone who prefers consumption of big boozy beers this is specifically for you.

3. Beer Mug

If you really want to enjoy beer consumption, there is nothing better than a beer mug. A beer mug is commonly seen now days in clubs as people prefer consuming large quantities of beer in one go. In fact, it is the beer mugs that gives an identity to beer in the current scenario. Another great aspect about this is the fact that beer mugs come in different sizes as well.

4. Teku GlassLastly, we have the Teku glass which is highly loved and adored by most people. The main reason for such likeness is the fact that the design of this particular glass is very different than what you regularly witness around commonly. Teku Glasses are also known to be look alike with wine glasses but in a fancier way too.

So with so many options stated above and many more to go, there are numerous types of beer glasses that can be found in different bars all over the world. It clearly depends on what is your preference and consumption of beer that you choose the type of beer glass for yourself. Hope this piece of information was really helpful for you.

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