Restumping Is Beneficial For Your House

June 29, 2020 by Ryder Wheare | Filed under Home Improvements.

In Australia, still, many houses are made on wooden stumps. Especially the house builds near the coastline or in flooded areas are preferred to be built from the wooden foundation. This is an aid to be one of the oldest ways of lying the foundation for the house but still, it is practical for these areas. Because the seawater level keeps on changes, maybe after some years you need to add some height to your house with the help of deblocking. But with a long exposure of moisture and wood also attracts pest, this can deteriorate the conditions of the wood and if left unattended for a longer period, they can destabilize the foundation. Once in a while or you can say at least after 2-3 years, it is good if you go for restumping in Melbourne. This will help you to be sure about the condition of your house and also extends its life. Restumping is beneficial for your house in many ways like;

  • Health Check: This can be a perfect way to inspect that wants to happen beneath your house. You might be too busy or never consider it important but with time everything loses its original strength. Same can happen here and if you will be ignoring it for long that can be dangerous for the structure of your house and your family. At the time of restumping, you get a good opportunity to insect the health of already laid wooden stumps and if any up-gradation is needed, it can be done.
  • Extra Space: The family grows with time and even new utility comes up in the way. Changing the house or buying a new one is not an option, every time. But with the help of restumping, you will be able to add new space that will help to create room for a bigger family or other purposes. This is a perfect opportunity as you don’t have to invest in new houses or the extension will not cost you much. You can easily extend your current house with a minimal budget. 
  • Dry Rot: The wooden stumps and constant exposure to moisture, will cause dry rot. When dry rot will not be addressed for a longer period, it will grow up to the floor of your house and might damage your floor or other structures of the house. Restumping will allow you to replace those rotten stumps and protecting your house from a bigger damage
  • Extra Height: In the flood or high-tide season, there are still many people that their house or belongings get damaged to the high influx of water. The only solution to protect your house from this damage is to add extra height. The house underpinning in Melbourne will ensure will help to increase the height of your house, so you can easily protect yourself and your house from water. Otherwise, every season will be problematic for you and extra water can also weaken your current structure of the house. 

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